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November 19 2014


How To Order Pizza Online ?

Now choose a convenient way to order pizza log on to pizza24.ca and#order your pizza online, pay via cash or debit card. Have fun and we are always happy to have your feed backs.

November 17 2014

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Now get 3 large pizzas with 3 toppings and 3 cans of pop at just 33 $, this offer is only valid if you are buying a party pack. Hurry up and call pizza24.ca

November 05 2014

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Check out our specialty pizza menu like peasto treat, meat pizza, paneer pizza, all prepared for you , just give us a call for delivery or you can use take away option also.

October 17 2014

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Enjoy deluxe pizza only at pizza24, your ultimate destination for quality pizzas, call us or order online we provide 24 hour delivery service in abbotsford .

September 22 2014


Affordable Pizza Menu By Pizza24

Are you new to pizza24? than don’t worry click on the special pizza menu to select your first pizza , we offer special party pack at just 33 $.The easiest way to order your pizza is online, visit us at pizza24.ca and choose from a wide variety of pizzas.


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